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FRESH women
Fresh Women is a feature documentary that follows 6
women struggling with the idea of becoming a
working artist while also being a wife, mother, and
career woman.  
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SFMOMA: The Building of a Modern Museum
Experience an excursion into the hearts and minds
behind the making of the second largest modern art
museum in the United States. It’s a story not just
about the construction of a building, but the struggles
of a movement to rejuvenate a dying section of a
world famous city… with art.
Another First Step
Three generations of one family struggle to find the
appropriate care and education for their deaf, mute
and autistic son.
Unknown Hero: The Francisco Jiménez Story
Follow the tale of how a Mexican child who speaks no
English somehow manages to escape the migrant
worker camps, grow up and earn a PhD from
Columbia University and be recognized as one of the
best college professors in the United States.
GRINGOS AT THE GATE - Soccer and the US Mexico Divide
They come from the manicured lawns of suburban America their
respective national soccer teams love this simple game but have
unwittingly become pawns of a larger social, historical and
economic struggle.
A Christmas in Tent City
Two brothers remember a Christmas spent in a
migrant labor camp 50 years ago and how their
faith and family helped them to survive poverty.
In Development
A Question of Habit
Explore popular culture’s fascination with all things
“nun” and dive into the real stories behind the
women religious in the United States.
The Farmer & The Chef
Go behind the scenes to see how two creative geniuses
grow and serve the perfect biodynamic meal at two-Michelin
star restaurant Manresa.
Can't Thread a Moving Needle
A docudrama that explores the impact that sexual assault has on
10 college students.