Michelle Wilcove never thought she’d be a
stay-at-home mom, especially after earning
her MBA and building a successful Telecom
Michelle struggles to combat post partum
depression and a sense of rejection from
society. Gone are the days of power lunches
and expensive business suits, replaced with
baby food and maternity clothes so Michelle
develops the “Glove Project,' connecting with
women from around the country, of all ages,
and finds she’s not alone.

Your first glance at one of Susannah
Bettag’s paintings is a pleasing one.
Beautiful colors, warm images of women...
a pleasant, settling feeling. Then you look
again, a little more closely this time and you
see it – porn. Not just any porn, but lesbian
porn in the background of these beautiful
paintings and you begin discussing with the
other people viewing about what this means.
Susannah’s got you just where she wants
you – talking about sex. What you don’t
expect is this to come from a British born
mother of two who looks about as radical as
your grandmother.

These two women, and four others, make up
a group of six female artists called “Fresh
Women.” They’re all middle-aged, college
graduates and desperately trying to break
into the ultra competitive art scene in San
Francisco. Along the way they’re forcing
people to deal with the issues that women of
all ages have to deal with in our so-called
modern society.
Released: Jan 2007

Michael T. Whalen - Writer/Producer/Director
Rico Corona - Director of Photography

Running time: 58 minutes
The FRESH women:
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2008 Accolade Award of Excellence

2007 Berkeley Video & Film Festival Honorable Mention, Arts

December 6, 2007 - Guest Speaker,
ArtSpan's VIP Selections Exhibition
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Official Selection at the 2008 Santa
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2008 Baltimore Women's Film
Festival Pre-event

8/1/2008 - Baltimore City Paper